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‘Taman Emas, The Wedding Fair 2009’,

Lestari Budaya & Pusaka, Istiadat Perkahwinan

17th & 18th January 2009 (Saturday & Sunday), 11am – 8pm

73 Sultan Gate, Singapore 198497

Taman Emas’, The Wedding Fair 2009 is an event organized by the team of Restoran Tepak Sireh  with The Malay Heritage Centre (MHC) and The Malay Art Gallery to produce a cultural and heritage programme, ‘The Sixth Heirloom Rejuvenation Ceremony’ in conjunction with the fresh beginning of the Muslim month. This would educate and enthuse the masses, primarily potential wedding couples to hold their future reception at two of the most renowned and historical heritage buildings for the Malay society in Singapore in particular.

Following the traditional practices of a typical Malay wedding setting and mannerism, watch out for ‘Junjungan’ (hand-carriage services), as common as how the late Sultanate would travel from place to place, an interesting experience which is now less practiced in our modern Malay society. Patrons will expect a pleasant tour and atmosphere around the breathtaking sceneries of wedding settings held at RTS and MHC. Besides the addition of The Malay Arts Gallery’s complimentary ‘Keris Exhibition’ at the Royal Club VIP room, guests are also welcomed to savour our deliciously authentic Malay cuisine, picked from our wedding menu, which would be available at our lunch and dinner buffet spreads.

Other public programmes include cultural performances such as Dance, ‘Kompang’ Entourage, ‘Kuda Kepang’ and ‘Silat Pengantin’, by our in-house performing arts group, Artiste Seni Budaya Tepak Sireh. Another catch of the event is the grand bridal runway, put up by our exclusive bridal boutique partner, Asmara Bridal. Take a short trail to MHC’s courtyard, guests will be enticed to more exciting activities including ‘Keris Balancing’ acts and the grand ‘Keris Competition’. More than 30 foreign silat exponents will participate in the Silat demonstrations at Malay Heritage Centre.

Venue: Malay Heritage Centre
            85 Sultan Gate, Singapore 198501

DATE & DAY: Saturday 17th January 2009 & Sunday 18th January 2009



10.30am-10.45am  - VIP guests & distinguished guests to assemble at RTS

10.45am-10.55am  - Guest-of-Honour (GOH) to arrive

10.55am-11.00am - Mock-up couple to seat on carriage

11.00am-11.05am - Parade sequence will await in front of MHC’s main gate

11.05am-11.10am - ‘Silat Hormat Tetamu'


11.10am-11.20am - All guests will stroll together towards the Istana Hall

11.20am-11.25am- VIP guests will be ushered to be seated on stage

11.25am-11.30am - GOH will be ushered to be seated on stage

1130am-11.35am - Other distinguished guests are to be seated on chairs in the theatre-seating layout

11.35am-11.40am - ‘Kompang’ entourage will welcome mock-up couple onto the ‘Pelamin’

11.40am-11.50am - Welcome speech by GOH

11.50am-11.55am - ‘Silat Hormat Pengantin’ performance

12.00am-12.05am - Cultural dance performance

12.05am-12.10am - Keris Handover from father of bride (KAHLIFAH) to Groom

12.10am-12.20pm - ‘Tepong Tawar’ by father of bride (VIP member)

12.20pm-12.25pm - Mock-up couple heads back onto carriage, ready to leave for the courtyard

12.25pm-12.35pm - GOH, followed by VIP guests, then other distinguished guests to leave for the courtyard


12.35pm-12.40pm - Emcee introduction to ‘Heirloom Rejuvenation’ process

12.40pm-12.50pm - Khalifah will perform the ‘Investiture Ceremony’ and ‘Inspection Process’

12.50pm-1.05pm - GOH to officiate ‘Keris Cleansing Ceremony’

1.05pm-1.10pm - Khalifah will hand a token of appreciation to the GOH

1.10pm-1.25pm - GOH, along with other VIP guests will view the ‘3 Stages of Keris Cleansing’ procedures

1.25pm-1.35pm - ‘Keris Balancing’ performance

1.35pm-1.50pm - GOH, 6 VIP guests and 23 other guests will be led by mock-up couple on carriage to RTS


“Embrace the royal experience at our Garden of Gold, endowed with the exquisite rejuvenation of our own traditions, heritage and culture. It would be the most memorable day of your life.”


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