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Keris Bali Luk 15 Kulit Semangko.

Keris Bali Luk 15 Kulit Semangko Another good and rare example of a keris from the island of Bali. Fittings in the gayaman Bali styles are made from well selected pelet woods with natural flashing grains. Brass mendak or ferrule studded with glass profusions completes fittings.

Very sturdy blade with 15 waves or luks has well executed base features or perabots, that has an overall shape or dapor called kala wija.

Pamor patterns are condense, and are arranged in the mlumah technique of the kulit semangko or melon skin pamor. It is said to enhance the owners popularity.

Condition: Very good condition

Age:  Krises are traditionally made without any date stampings or engravings of the makers' name. Although a kris smith or "empu" has his own styles configured together with the dapor and especially the ganjar (cross piece). Obvious age wear and tear, usage, familiarity with forms, motifs and designs, origin and history, mediums and materials used are our guidelines in determining an approximate age. This particular piece, from our experience and knowledge, should go back to the late 18th century blade with late 20th century fittings.

Length of blade: 14.8".   Overall length: 24".

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