A pictorial historical time line of Malay Art Gallery.
 As a picture speaks a thousand words, citation are only dates and events. Anything more remains a memory.......

30th September 1971
Very first exhibition of various artist including the legendary Encik Abdul Ghani Hamid.
 Officiated by the then Parliamentary Secretary (Culture) Encik Sha'ari Tadin.


Exhibition by Abdul Ghafar Ibrahim
22nd to 29th December 1971.


Reception for 2 Malaysian Artist,
Encik Ahmad Kahlid and Mr. Choong Kam Kaw, from Mara Technological Institute.
27th June 1972.


Exhibition by S, Mohdir
8th to 15th July 1972.


Exhibition by Sarkasi Said
April 28th to 12th May 1973,


Exhibition by Tengku Izan
4th to 18th August 1973.
Officiated by Mr. Rajaratnam, then member of parliament for Kampoing Gelam


9th October 1972
 Official registration of Malay Art Gallery in the registrar of business names


 Straits Times; 31st January 1988.
Family holds bones of prehistoric animals.


Citymag magazine - 1990


June 1995 - National Museum Singapore
Keris : The Power Of Metal
Kuasa dan Rupa.

Straits times May 21st 1996
Simpler Keris Cleaning Ceremony
Malay Village


April 1998. Suara Johore, centrespread.
"Salah Anggap Keris" ; Keris Misconceptions.


May/June 1996 edition. PENIAGAKITA magazine.
Front cover and 3 page write up.


"Ranggsang Rias Pusaka Bangsa I"
1st Heirloom Rejuvenation Ceremony
28th and 29th February 2004 @ Bussorah Mall.



"Ranggsang Rias Pusaka Bangsa II"
2nd Heirloom Rejuvenation Ceremony
Upacara Pertabalan - Coronation Ceremony
Sayambara Keris I - 1st Keris Pageantry
12th and 13th February 2005 @ Malay Heritage Centre



Persada Pusaka - Malay Heirloom Auction
24th July 2005 @ Malay Heritage Centre

"Ranggsang Rias Pusaka Bangsa III"
3rd Heirloom Rejuvenation Ceremony
Textiles Diaspora
Sayambara Keris II - 2nd Keris Pageantry
11th and 13th January 2008 @ Malay Heritage Centre.


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Founded in 2014 and is listed as an intangible UNESCO World Heritage Site
Adni Aljunied has been a Member of the Advisory Board.



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